Olivia Smikle Foundation’s mission is to use the powerful tool; Education, for breaking the cycle of poverty and closing the gap in social inequality. This will be done through different fundraising programs to donate to any educational cause nationally and internationally.

With a special focus on:
● helping talented/gifted children, who lack the resources and support, for the
quality education and training that they deserve.
● Create an environment in the Early Childhood Institutions that is beneficial to development and enhances their thinking and learning skills.

Who is Olivia Smikle?

Olivia Miss Universe

Olivia Smikle, Mrs. Universe Jamaica 2022, Native of Manchester. Growing up in the rural community instilled the appreciation for family, nature, and community. This has motivated her to accomplish her dream job in Law Enforcement. It allowed her to help women faced with domestic abuse, human trafficking and violence. After Law Enforcement, she knew her journey with community involvement did not end there. With her philanthropic mindset, this led her to pageantry. The now Mrs. Universe Jamaica 2022 is committed to leading a foundation dedicated to providing financial, educational, and material resources to support youths in need. With special focus on early learning and talented/gifted children.

Earning the sash and the crown has given her a platform that allows her to integrate in different social groups to motivate, develop, and act on social reform. She has built partnerships with other sister Queens from countries around the world to work together on initiatives supporting communities and health and educational programs. Becoming a public figure has allowed her to live a life that is exemplary to our youths. Her Philanthropic activities will be carried out through “Olivia Smikle Foundation”